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National Geographic

An article covering the mysteries of our space environments. Observing satellites recorded digitally photographed footage from Mars, showing the Mars surface with identifiable Scumskull shapes. The existence of these artefacts is proven. The global space research program is confronted with tasks beyond comprehension.

Title: On Mars: Scumskullz relicts found
Issue: Vol. 195, No. 2
Date: February 2003
Pages: 64/67, 70/71

Scumskullz remark: A scholary article. Inconvenient themes are touched with the pliers.

Journal of Cell Science

Published in the renowned Journal for Cell Science and Micro-Biology. A substantial contribution about the global scumskullz research project. Additionaly this article highlights also the cell evolution and infection mechanisms of the Scumskull virus.

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Juice Magazine

Construction concept and visualisation of the Scumskullz cube system and nexus.

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Germany's most important newscast concerned with the broading Scumskullz phenomena and concentrating on the mathematical background of the Scumskullz project.

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Le Monde

The daily newspaper of France's capital city Paris chronicles the Scumskullz attack on the streets of the metropolis. The art kenning newspaper is questioning reasons and motives of the Scumskullz campaign.

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