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Device: ScumPad™

ScumPad™ is the ultimate research and engineering tool for Scumskullz scientists. The feature set is geared towards both the novice and the veteran.

The system's highly sensitive touch screen input device provides an intuitive and efficient workflow. The design is based on a hand-held gaming device secretly developed in the former German Democratic Republic. Although the device never was ready for marketing it is rumored that its graphic capabilities exceeded those of the Nintendo Gameboy. Only, how could Scum Supplies gain access to this precious piece of East German techonology?

  View an online demonstration of the new range of possibilities the ScumPad™ enables.

Screen resolution:160x160 pixels
Color depth:12 bit
Processor:Custom ASIC
System RAM:2 MB
System ROM:8 MB

Exhibition: UAMO (Munich/Germany)

As the leaders of the UAMO line up, Scum Supplies present their global project in new forms of the online and offline media.

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Exhibition: Foodshow (Munich/Germany)

Scumskullz taking part at the Foodshow street-art exhibition.

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Exhibition: En la Frontera (Zaragoza/Spain)

Scumskullz taking part at the audiovisual cultural festival “En la Frontera”

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Exhibition: netARTeria (Katowice/Poland)

Scumskullz taking part at the “netARTeria” exhibition for interactive design and internet projects. Invited by the European Union Scum Supplies developed a concept to disseminate the progress of the project's online database.

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Showcase: Muffathalle (Munich/Germany)

Scumskullz video performance. Individual brain patterns rotating in multidimensional spaces. Exstatic mind sets supported by the masses. The teenage revolution united under one motto: “One Skull To Rule Them All”.

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Exhibition: I See You (Vilnius/Lithuania)

Scumskullz taking part at the collective exhibition “I SEE YOU”

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Processing: Ateliers “Scumskullz”

See 20 young students from all over the world working hard in the Ateliers “Scumskullz”. Always under strict observation of the Scum Supplies quality control department.

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Propaganda: Scumskullz PaperBag™

First generation street art manifesto – inspired by the work of MC Esher. Pride and fate for the new millenium. Belief is sporadic, the ideal is not. Paving the way for the next generation.

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Font: Scumskullz Regular, Box

Scum Supplies has released some Scumskull True Type fonts. These are flash optimized pixelfonts. At a certain point size every Scumskull pixel will exactly match a pixel on your computer screen. The package includes Scumskullz Regular, Scumskullz Box.

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