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Scumskullz EvolutionPack™

The Scumskullz story began as the brainchild of the research company Scum Supplies, and since has become a worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to new computer-driven processing technologies and ultra-pure, non-toxic chemicals and after years of crossbreeding, Scum Supplies developed new Scumskullz that grow larger and live longer.

Including water purifier, instant life eggs, scumfood, feeding spoon. Just add water and the Scumskullz come alive. Also including a magnificent, fully illustrated manual of care, raising, training and breeding of your Scumskullz.

With a diet of our Scum Supply foods, your Scumskull species will grow to their maximum size, remain strong and frisky, and live a long time. Scumskullz must only be fed the provided food or vitamins. All testing is safe, humane and performed at Scum Supplies Research Laboratory by highly qualified micro-crustacean scientists devoted to studying these miraculous and often misunderstood creatures.

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Scumskullz suggestion: Grow amazing living Scumskullz! Just add water – you've got instant life.

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Scumskullz StickerSet™

Scumskullz sticker set, minimum 50 stickers with 20 various motives.

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Scumskullz Brix™

The Scumskullz Brix package includes 60 black and 40 white bricks and a construction manual.

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Scumskullz LEGO-Sculpture

Scumskullz 3D-Sculpture made of original LEGO 2x2 bricks. Various designs available.

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Scumskullz “Raptor” T-Shirt

Basic 100% cotton T-Shirt. High-quality screenprints. Trouble-free washable. Motives: Raptor (front), Various (back).

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Scumskullz Pyjama™

Scumskullz Pyjamas are handcrafted and of fluffy textile. Trouble-free washable.

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Scumskullz Regular, Box – TrueType Fonts

Scum Supplies has released some Scumskull True Type fonts. These are flash optimized pixelfonts. At a certain point size every Scumskull pixel will exactly match a pixel on your computer screen. The package includes Scumskullz Regular, Scumskullz Box.

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Scumskullz PaperBag™

Scum Supplies PaperBag™ contains a selection of 6 IsoSkulls™ printed on quality 120 g/m˛ semi matte paper and is delivered together with the patented Scumskullz AllSurface™ GlooStik™.

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Scumskullz FlavourPack™

Scumskullz FlavourPacks™ are available in different flavours. Enjoy it with milk or other liquids.

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