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Scumskullz FlavourPack™

Scumskullz FlavourPacks™ are available in different flavours. Enjoy it with milk or other liquids.

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Order no:ssM-003-03
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Flavours:SweetAcid, BlueBerry, VanillaCocaine, PurpleHazard, HoneyPoppySeed

Scumskullz suggestion: What about breakfast?

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Scumskullz StickerSet™

Scumskullz sticker set, minimum 50 stickers with 20 various motives.

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Scumskullz Brix™

The Scumskullz Brix package includes 60 black and 40 white bricks and a construction manual.

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Scumskullz EvolutionPack™

The Scumskullz story began as the brainchild of the research company Scum Supplies, and since has become a worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to new computer-driven processing technologies and ultra-pure, non-toxic chemicals and after years of crossbreeding, Scum Supplies developed new Scumskullz that grow larger and live longer.

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Scumskullz LEGO-Sculpture

Scumskullz 3D-Sculpture made of original LEGO 2x2 bricks. Various designs available.

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Scumskullz “Raptor” T-Shirt

Basic 100% cotton T-Shirt. High-quality screenprints. Trouble-free washable. Motives: Raptor (front), Various (back).

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Scumskullz Pyjama™

Scumskullz Pyjamas are handcrafted and of fluffy textile. Trouble-free washable.

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Scumskullz Regular, Box – TrueType Fonts

Scum Supplies has released some Scumskull True Type fonts. These are flash optimized pixelfonts. At a certain point size every Scumskull pixel will exactly match a pixel on your computer screen. The package includes Scumskullz Regular, Scumskullz Box.

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Scumskullz PaperBag™

Scum Supplies PaperBag™ contains a selection of 6 IsoSkulls™ printed on quality 120 g/m˛ semi matte paper and is delivered together with the patented Scumskullz AllSurface™ GlooStik™.

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